GNP has had a diverse range of clients in Singapore, and not every client has the same needs. Some just need a basic Voice-over recording for their internal corporate videos. Some just need dialogs in their films cleaned up. Some require original music only for a drama, and others, sound effects and foley only for their animations.

And finally, some want everything under one roof. Unique music that makes the video more iconic, awesome sound effects, and on top of it all - a commercial-quality mix that punches through consumer speakers with clarity.

GNP is able and willing to provide any of these services in ‘standalone’, or ‘packaged’ formats. In other words, if all you need is a simple VO recording, or just ADR (Automated Dialog Replacement), or any of the 3 main services mentioned on the left, and not looking for a ‘packaged’ deal that includes other services, because your project is not meant for mass-release anyway, GNP is completely fine with it, and caters to that budget.

Of course, if you are looking for a package deal, that is fine as well, and very negotiable.

If you need more quotation information regarding to your specific project needs, feel free to call or drop an email to Teo Wei Yong, and he'll do what he can to advise what is best for your unique situation.
If you are a production house looking to hire high quality audio-related post production services, but are feeling lost in regards to your budgeting strategy, or who to hire for which specific purpose, GNP offers a wide and flexible range of service packages to suit your project’s budget needs. GNP not only excels in the technical prowess needed to make your life easier when working with utilizing audio for your projects - GNP brings an experienced, collaborative and artistic point of view in bringing your visions to life with all things audio. Yes, from all walks of life. Be it films, TVCs, corporate videos, or independent works.

Essentially, GNP provides three main services. They are -

Mostly instrumental in nature, aiding your story's vision. From Hollywoodish orchestral scores, all the way across the gamut to independent, abstract and moody-sounding scores. GNP has had extensive cross-cultural scoring experiences, suicidally treading between the 'rival' communities on dangerous, unspecified ground. All artistic camps are highly appreciated and enjoyed in the house of GNP, regardless of partisan indignance. This has contributed to a wealth of an amalgation of inspiration and musical dramatic ideas, from different sources all over the spectrum.

Sound effects, from natural foley to larger-than-life sounds.

Mixing dialog, voice over and music all into a complete package, for the final presentation of your films/videos. You may choose to have your    own music track or sound effects or VO from elsewhere. Simply send over the files and we'll start cooking!

Why is the Audio Post Mix process so crucial?
While is it perfectly fine to simply line up audio files together in a video-editing program and get decent results, such audio mixes always lack the punch, clarity and 'glue' that professional mixes can provide for mass release. There are also standard audio volume guidelines that must be adhered to, especially if you intend to premiere your project to public platforms, such as national TV, Youtube, cable TV, cinemas, and public screening spaces.
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