GRAY NOTE PRODUCTIONS is a Singapore-based audio house that skilfully crafts music scores and sound design in any aesthetic for any tale your tastes desire. This little outfit is owned and operated by film composer and sound designer, Teo Wei Yong.

Gray Note Productions is like any other audio post house community  in the world; a neutral place that aims to fulfil the visions of anyone who has their own story to tell. Teo does not take sides nor show preferential treatment.

Teo knows that scoring to visuals is more than just fitting the mood and tone. Of course, for commercials and corporate videos, client satisfaction and mass appeal is a must. But for dramatic works, music for visuals has to come from a point of view, and often times, requiring that a counterpuntal POV force plays alongside what is already onscreen. Yet, not only does that compliment the story, it adds new depth and dimension to what the director/writer couldn't possibly conceive initially. As important as it is to keep directors happy, it is also just as important - if not more - for the composer to bring forth a counterpuntal view alongside what is already onscreen. Hopefully, directors are open enough to experiment and see how it all goes with their vision.
Let's say, perhaps, that we have a scene where a murder is taking place. Instead of playing scary, murderous music, perhaps sweeping love music, or an offbeat quirky minimalist track could be played instead, up against the carnage. This brings a tremendous bittersweet cringiness to the scene, particularly if the crime is carried out of passion. It makes the audience feel closer to the psychology of not just the killing, but for more profound reasons that surround the act. Likewise, if the story is a comedy, playing 'comedic' music as an 'accompainment' is boring. However, if one plays very serious, brooding, apocalyptic music, or perhaps an ironic 'life goes on'-sounding piece over slapstick acts and conversations onscreen, suddenly it becomes very hilarious, and wonderful.

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