GRAY NOTE PRODUCTIONS is a Singapore-based little audio house outfit, owned and operated by film composer and sound designer, Teo Wei Yong. He is rather known for his extreme diversity in his film scoring music, and has often had many directors perplexed as to where he comes from artistically. Hmmmmm.

Indie directors often choose bands with a certain kind of sound they like for their film; commercial directors often choose composers based on previous projects where they liked their work.

So between these two worlds, where in the heck does Teo fit in? Hmmmm. Very interesting question.

HEY, the politically-correct term is not "HYBRID", okay?! It's "TALENTED TRAITOR". Please call Teo a "talented traitor" the next time you see him. He's also fine with songs from other folks for your movie if you wish, OKAY. Thank you.
Of course, for commercials and corporate videos, client satisfaction and mass appeal is a must. But for dramatic works, music for visuals has to come from a point of view, and often times, requiring that a counterpuntal POV force plays alongside what is already onscreen. Yet, not only does that compliment the story, it adds new depth and dimension to what the director/writer couldn't possibly conceive.
As important as it is to keep directors happy, it is also just as important - if not more - for the composer to bring forth a counterpuntal view alongside what is already onscreen. Teo brings that edge to the table.

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